rhino + maxwell classes

1. the training is designed to quickly prepare you to use different techniques in modeling, with a strong emphasis in fast visualizations.

2. the classes will be the most suitable  for architects, interior designers,
landscape architects, environmental graphic designers and urban planners, or similarly those who plan to study such area of design.

3. the training will focus in using practical applications that can help you put the information in context.


bay area, ca

level 1 modeling creation | maxwell rendering 
level 2 advanced modeling creation | maxwell rendering | photoshop


rhino interface | customization
basic modeling creation of architectural objects
modeling techniques
display modes for design presentation
camera modes and quick set ups
work flow of modeling and maxwell rendering
layers, blocks, groups and general basic materials set up
exploration of flamingo for quick presentation images
maxwell lighting set up for interior and exteriors
maxwell network and farm
rendering techniques with photoshop
quicks and tips
and more and more


shoot me an email with the following:

phone number
date and place you are interested

one to one

if you are interested in a particular area you wish to work and develop, let me know and I can certainly develop something that is unique to your area of interest.

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